Antoine Carlotti

Throughout my life, I’ve been fueled by a passion for action sports, and I’ve been fortunate to explore a wide array of board sports. While living in Paris, France, it was challenging to recapture the incredible sensations these sports had provided.

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon longboarding, and for two years, I skated every day on my own, and it filled me with pure happiness. Meeting the community was truly awesome, leading me to embark on travels for competitions worldwide, where I had the pleasure of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

I’m proud to say that I have found the one thing that makes me happy. I absolutely love competing and racing, but freeriding with my friends is very important to me. It enables me to explore new places and share extraordinary moments with the beloved community.

As an extreme sports athlete, people often think you’re a bit crazy and reckless. But it’s crucial for me to explain that what we do does have its risks, but there are safe ways to do it. I want to show the world that our sport is accessible, and you don’t have to be skating at 120 km/h on an open road to feel the incredible vibe we all love.

My favorite discipline involves racing as fast as possible without ever placing my hands on the ground. My dream was to clinch victory in the Red Bull “No Paws Down” race, and I am thrilled to share that I became the Longboard Freeride World Champion in 2020.

Today, as a professional downhill skater and a graphic designer, my goals are twofold: to maintain a high level of competitiveness during the racing season and to engage in creative projects that revolve around my passion. 
My hope is to inspire others to embrace longboarding, believing it can bring them the same joy and fulfillment it has brought me.