We push the boundaries of what is possible and redefine passion for sports with our brands and teams.
We achieve our vision by…
  • building a unique brand and athlete team that we provide with targeted and effective support and promotion
  • giving athletes from extreme and niche sports the attention and recognition of sponsors and the community
  • offer added value to advertising companies by giving them access to a unique brand and athlete network
  • develop innovative marketing concepts
  • being strong and unique like our athletes
  • thinking and allowing ideas without limitations at any time
  • never differentiate between people with or without physical limitations or make their origin an issue. Not only in sports!
With us as a partner, our customers, brands and athletes can reach their goals faster and strengthen their position. We always focus on who we are doing it for and why – for our athletes, customers and partners.
And for SPORT.

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Athlete Alliance

Sportler Alessandro Marciano

Alessandro Avigliano

Sportler Freddy Olander

Freddy Olander

Sportler Max Hiemann

Max Hiemann

Sportlerin Ramona Arendt

Ramona Arendt

Sportler Nico Prien

Nico Prien

Sportler Nico Prien

Arjan Ellens

Sportlerin Ramona Arendt

Antoine Carlotti

Sportler Nico Prien

Gosia Śniegórska

Sportler Nico Prien

Alisa Fessl