Gosia Śniegórska

My goals are to satisfy my hunger of exploring the world on my snowboard, to reach new challenges and share the joy of the outdoor sports with my audience.
I want to travel to places such as Himalaya, Alaska and Chile, and ride good lines.

I would like to combine my sport life with creativity by doing cool projects and sharing material with people.
For example to travel to Nepal and other mountain cultures, I feel inspired by their way of living.
I wish to document about them and share more of their perspective on life on my own social media networks.

I really want to inspire other people so that they too find the courage to follow their passion no matter what, especially if they are girls in a big male industry.
I want to show them that they have enough strength within them to pursue their mountain dreams and that they can achieve anything if they take that first step and put in the effort and work.

I honestly don’t ever want to exit.
I train a lot to stay in shape for as long as I can.
I wish to keep my joy in the endless pursuit of new experiences in the vast realm of mountains.
For a lifetime.