Arjan Ellens in ActionArjan Ellens

My Name is Arjan Ellens and I was born and raised in the Frysian village of Twijzelerheide. I was originally schooled to become a mechanical engineer and being the son of a professional motorsports athlete, I could say that life on two wheels has always been my natural habit.

I competed in motorsports as well, before switching to BMX cross at the age of thirteen and eventually replacing my cross bike for a freestyle BMX bike at the age of sixteen.

By now, I’m passionately riding towards the top of freestyle BMX and apart from the fact that this takes a lot of perseverance and energy, my drive and passion are growing bigger every day. My adventure is not set to come to a halt anytime soon and over the next years, I plan to show the world what I’ve got!

In 2023, along with my unique riding style and looks, I want to show up to as many contests and events to further expand my network and, above all, leave a top shelf impression. 

I will once again be part of the Team NL BMX freestyle program, with the Olympic Games of 2024 on the horizon. My biggest dream is to be able to race at the X-Games. This is the most famous action sports event in the world and takes place in the USA. This is where my passion for BMX started and this is where I hope to ride in the BMX dirt category one day.

My main goal is to bring my passion to as many people as possible, to inspire people and be an inspiration to others.