Max Hiemann

Since early childhood, my life has been shaped by off-road sports. My father was nationally active in motocross and I think that my fascination for these sports was very fired. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle was simply too expensive and time-consuming for my parents, but above all too dangerous.

Thus I already looked for an alternative to motocross as a child and also found it: mountain biking. The first spots in my home, a small village between Dresden and Leipzig already existed, and closer to the MX feeling you can not get.

This then fortunately developed well and today I can claim to be a professional mountain biker. Motocross I drive but in the meantime also!

In action sports, you have to have a strong mindset, and to achieve that, everything around you has to be right. Especially when you work 40 hours a week in a regular job, you can’t afford to cure an injury for several months. But I never really wanted to give up, because I really wanted to achieve my dream!

Role models and inspiration have always played a big role for me. The first edits came out on YouTube and you understood how big the scene is and where everything is happening. Legends like Brandon Semenuk or Anthony Messere have influenced my riding style a lot.

There was no real training with us, and there is not now in the classical sense. You just meet for a session and try to be a little bit better than last time.

To put it simply: nothing comes from nothing! This has always been the case and will not change. Who always gives 100% will always be successful in my opinion and perseverance pays off.