Nico Prien

Nico is a professional Windsurfer, who competes in the PWA World Tour, produces videos for his community on YouTube and Instagram, works in development of the most sustainable windsurf board manufacturer, Starboard, and is Co-Owner of the europe wide surf shop

After graduating from high school in 2013, he became a professional windsurfer and started traveling to the best windsurfing spots in the world. Fascinated by his adventures, he wanted to document them for the internet, and quickly gained a following on YouTube, making him one of the most well known personalities within the windsurfing community.

The close contact to the nature has inspired him to give back to our planet by becoming vegetarian, offsetting his CO2 footprint and taking part in plastic offset programs. He also started his sustainable fashion brand surla.

Over the years he has gathered several national championship titles and international results.

Picture Credits: blueimages | Ronja Arndt