Ramona Arendt

Since the age of 16 I have been living my profession. Fitness & Mental Coaching. Showing other people their health, energy level and access to personal happiness, joy – drives me.

A question for you: ” What do I really want in life?” Courage – Perseverance – Trust in yourself – Learn from defeats.

As a well-known fitness model, successful personal trainer in Munich & face for gyms, one question was elementary: “Does this really make me happy?” I love the topics of health, fitness, personal development, from person to person.

Out of the city – into the mountain adventure
Holistic coaching, mountain hikes, online trainings & retreats. Away from hustle and noise. Change starts with yourself. Nature as a playground for fitness training, mental coaching, alpine crossings, teambuilding and mastermind groups.

Alpine timeout. Adventure & Regeneration differently
Self-employed people and managers are high performers, go beyond their limits and do not see regeneration as part of performance. Burnout instead of high performance. Reduction to the essential. I show these border crossers their limits. Their own values. A different kind of coaching on the mountain, for body & mind.

I, too, was a border crosser. Your body is your best advisor.
Learn the signals of your body to be healthy in the long run. That way you will have fun with exercise & be successful in your business.